Fellowship of Germanic Christians

Runes in the Christian Belief

Although widely bound with the beliefs of the Heathens, the writing system of Runes is found throughout Christendom in history, it can work as a tether between our latterday selves and the oft forgotten Germanic Christians which came before us.


The noting of Runes keeps the writing of our forefathers alive and within the bounds of our belief, the writ is found throughout the Germanic world, from stones, to burials, to Books of Hours for our Liturgical Calendar. On this page we'll show you a good few noteworthy tidbits of Runic Christian lore.


Runes are most often found on rightly named "Runestones", of which there are about 3,000 throughout Scandinavia alone. Runestones give us insight into the mindset of the folk who lifted them, as almost all were made by the everyday folk, often as gravestones, monuments, and landmarks of important events in their lives.

Of all the Runestones a great many of them bear outwardly Christian markings, and in the region of Uppland, Sweden, 70% of the 1,196 Runestones are Christian. This is noteworthy, given that Uppland is the home of the greatest concentration of Runestones in any given steading.


These Runestones also show how widespread Christendom was in the Iron Age, and how steeped it is in our folk's saga. Given that about 28% of all Runestones in the North, throughout all time, are Christian, is a highlight of the bright Truth of God flowing throughout Christendom's many folks and eyes. We should not foresake the beloved Runestones of our forefathers, and we should seek to make more in their likeness.