Fellowship of Germanic Christians


Welcome to the website of the Fellowship of Germanic Christians. We are a brotherhood of Fellows dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich heritage and laws of Healendry, otherwise known as Germanic Christianity, or Nordic/Viking Christianity.

Healendry gets its name from "The Healend" the name given to our Lord, Jesus Christ, by the Germanic Tribes after being brought into the fold of the Church. The word Healend itself means "Saviour" or "Healer" and can be found today in languages like Dutch and German in the form of "Heiland".


In years past the beliefs of Healendry have been lost through many inside and outside forces that have led to us casting away or outright forgetting our framework of worshipping Christ. Now, the Fellowship is looking to akindle these embers into a bright and mighty new outlook on Christendom, so that we can again worship Christ and understand Him through the eyes of our Folk.

Our Goals

When we as Fellows look to the world, we see that many men have forgotten who they are, most folk have lost their belief in God, and these neighbourhoods that we have built are now gone astray. Us, as Germanic sons, have forgotten what that means to us, and how we can inbody the soul of what has been done before.


Foremost the goals of the Fellowship is to abring the mind and soul of Germanic Christendom back to the folk who gave it life. There are many ways we seek to fulfill this task:

          - Writing

          - Filming

          - Gathering

          - Teaching

          - Learning

          - Bonding

Noting these ways we can come to know our forebears which we have forsaken. Too, if we go out into the world and teach, gather, and outspeak the beliefs of our forefathers, we can awaken those brethren which have lost the path.

Oaths of the Healend

A grounding writ built from the knowledge given to us throughout the many sagas and tales of Germanic Christendom that have been kept but forgotten. The Oaths of the Healend are 12 Oaths that all Fellows within the Fellowship of Germanic Christians must swear to, they begin to build the first frames of how we as Germanic folk can once again know God in the same way as those who came before us.


The 12 Oaths keep our Fellowship aimed towards the Truth of God's making and within what is Holy and Right in His name, the Oath leads us to both what is God's asking of us in this world and how we understand the work of our soul in God's Wyrd. Swearing the Oath binds us to eachother as Fellows and towards God's everlasting Kingdom.